Children's Dental Health Services relies on hundreds of volunteers every year and countless hours of service provided by these volunteers. Looking to help out our organization? Feel like contributing to our cause? Want to just feel good?

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Jereece and Neveah's Story

Children’s Dental health Service’s (CDHS) collaborative dental hygienists saw siblings Jereece and Neveah at their head start location to provide preventative care services, including a dental cleaning and oral health education. Jereece and Neveah are seen through our head start school-based program as access to dental care in their community is limited.

The number of local dental providers accepting Jereece and Neveah’s insurance is few and far between, and those accepting have wait lists between 4 and 6 months for patient appointments. At the time of their preventative care services, both children received a dental exam from a dentist who identified they had extensive urgent restorative needs that needed to be treated as soon as possible.

CDHS staff worked with the children's head start teachers and family to schedule dental appointments and were seen by our dentist and had all unhealthy teeth treated. Now that Jereece and Neveah have healthy mouths free of cavities, they don’t have to worry about missing any of the estimated 51 million school hours other students are missing each year in the United States due to dental pain.

Without our school based preventative program traveling to Jereece and Neveah’s school both children would have likely not received the cleaning, education and exam provided to them. Leaving them at risk of infections as the cavities continued to grow. 


What's a basic cleaning cost? How about a sealant? Maybe a little knowledge on oral hygiene? The average cost at your local dentist is well over $150. In some cases if you haven't been to the dentist in a while the cost of a cleaning and necessary sealants can be in excess of $500. For someone without insurance this cost just isn't feasible.

In the Minnesota Metro area over 10,000 visits to the emergency room were due to toothaches, many of which could have been prevented. Your tax deductible donation will help greatly reduce this number in our region and bring otherwise non affordable, not to mention critical dental access to local children across southern Minnesota.

How about some information about where you donations will go and how much of an impact they have! Your donations are always put directly towards helping fund underserved patients who cannot otherwise afford dental care.

Please consider a donation to help battle neglected dental needs!                                                                                                          

Notice of Privacy Practices

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About Us

CDHS seeks grant funding to provide services for uninsured children participating in our preventative programs at no cost to the family. Funding is based on location. Contact our office to see if funds are available in your  community.

Children's Dental Health Services (CDHS) is a non-profit organization dedicated to removing barriers and increasing access to dental care for underserved children. CDHS was founded in 2006, providing preventative services to children under the age of 5 at WIC sites. Since then we have grown and now offer our comprehensive preventative services in 7 counties and over 50 schools throughout Southeast Minnesota as well as at the United Way of Olmsted County and Mower County Public Health.  Additionally, CDHS offers restorative services at our office in the United Way Building in Rochester, Minnesota.
We see patients by appointment only. 
It takes a team of dedicated volunteers to make sure our dental clinic is reaching out to as many communities as it can so kids everywhere have access to our dental services. We're fortunate to have some of the best dedicating their time, energy, and expertise to our cause.

In addition to many volunteers, Children's Dental Health Services employs a team of highly qualified and compassionate Dentists, Registered Dental Hygienists, Dental Assistants, and Administrative Staff.

Sliding Fee Scale

CDHS Accepts the following plans:
-Blue Plus
-Health Partners
-Medical Assistance (MA)
-South Country

A dream team to hand out dream smiles.

Grant Funding


Minnesota Health Care Plans (MHCP)

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Children's Dental Health Services does not bill families for preventative services.

Children participating in our school based program who are enrolled in a medical assistance program will have their services billed to insurance. If a child is uninsured CDHS utilizes grant funding to cover the cost of their services. (Grant funds used when available)

To be seen by our dentist for restorative work children must have a medical assistance plan or participate in our sliding fee scale program.  CDHS will not bill family for fees not fully covered by medical assistance.

CDHS recently developed a sliding fee scale to assist uninsured children living below the federal poverty line to receive restorative dental care at a discounted rate. See the Sliding Fee scale page for more information.

Grant Funding

Every child deserves a happy healthy smile.